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LOL painting

$6969696.69 U.S.

At least and finally, it is time to show my LOL painting. This painting was completed in 2010. A 9" x 12" Inch (Yes small) using gouache. It is the FIRST of several LOL paintings , the others are still in the works, and this one is intentionally made that way to be unique which size does not matter, what DO matters is how-long you can keep up! Also for the pricing is a work of art if i say so myself! The 69 concept pricing can resemble many things as in symbolically, a meaning of some kind, or simply mind you JUST a numbers, but still it can mean many somethings! It have to be epic in a way.

The words or quote from this painting:

Be ahead, LOL on all of them, the past, and the future. Who had worked and was fair for themselves and others are rewarded by the great.
    By: Ahmed Hassani.